28 Best Franchises to Buy in Australia in [2021 Investment Guide]

28 Best Franchises to Buy in Australia in [2021 Investment Guide]

Has your dreaming of owning your own business been put off by the uncertainty caused by COVID-19? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are still plenty of opportunities to become a business owner - and we’ve rounded up 28 for you to consider.

It’s hard enough to start a business at the best of times. Throw in a pandemic that’s keeping people at home and changing spending patterns and the task becomes even harder.

That’s where owning a franchise comes in.

With a low-risk entry into your chosen industry you’ll have the support of experienced franchisors, a proven business model, and a nationally-recognised brand name.

Even better, record low interest rates mean it’s easier than ever to fund your business-owning dream. But here’s the catch - there are dozens of industries offering exciting franchise opportunities, so what’s right for you?

To help you make your decision we’ve rounded up 28 of the most exciting franchise opportunities in Australia.

Read on to discover your next exciting opportunity.

Best retail franchises to buy

Retail franchises are some of the most popular and profitable franchises because they’re the stores that Australians trust the most.

With brand loyalty crucial in the success of a retail business, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a loyal customer base as shoppers move online and look to reduce their spend during challenging times like the pandemic.

Tapping into a retail franchise helps counter these obstacles as a proven brand name and well-established trust can keep customers coming through your door.

It takes years for entrepreneurs and start-ups to establish credibility, but buying a retail franchise means opening your doors with the selling power of a known brand.

As a bonus, retail franchises typically have purchasing power that sole traders don’t. Group purchasing power can drastically reduce your costs and help you increase your profits.

The best retail franchises to buy in Australia include: 

Best restaurant & cafe franchises to buy

Owning a restaurant or cafe franchise offers a turnkey business ready to start generating revenue right away.

Consider the challenges associated with starting a restaurant or cafe from scratch and you’ll soon realise how much planning and strategy is required. Finding a location, organising a lease, purchasing inventory, creating a menu, building relationships with suppliers, the list goes on.

Worse of all, all of the planning still doesn’t address the toughest part - finding customers.

A restaurant or cafe comes with everything you need to start your business, including a brand name people know and trust. 

  • Nene Chicken
  • SpudBAR
  • Hudsons Coffee
  • Ferguson Plarre
  • Degani
  • Burrito Bar

Best fast food franchises to buy

When you think of Australia’s best fast food restaurants, there’s a good chance the same few names come to mind - and that’s why owning your own fast food franchise is such an exciting opportunity.

Humans are creatures of habit, and if you’ve had a positive experience with a fast food restaurant, it’s easier to go back and enjoy a meal through that brand again and again and again (think of how many times you’ve visited your favourite local eatery).

Fast food also became more of an option for time-poor Australians who were often confined to their homes during various stages of lockdown. These are the reasons why buying a franchise in the fast food industry means jumping onboard a bandwagon that’s only speeding up.

  • Ogalo
  • Schnitz
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Mad Mex Fresh
  • Crust Pizza
  • Domino’s
  • Grill’d
  • Roll’d
  • Guzman y Gomez

Best beverage franchises to buy

Australians love their beverages.

Whether it’s drinking an average of 10 cups of tea a week, or a quick stop at the local juice shop for a post-gym refuel, we’re a nation who loves to drink.

So what better franchise to buy than one that specialises in beverages?

As an added advantage, beverage franchises are often found in smaller premises, so you’ll face less overheads and fewer costs as you start your business-owning journey.

  • Boost Juice
  • Chatime
  • Koomi

Best health & fitness franchises to buy

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that health is the most valuable asset we have.

It’s this same desire for customers to maintain a healthy body and mind that makes health and fitness franchises the exciting opportunity they are.

Keep in mind, the advantages of entering this industry go beyond a surging customer demand for your products and services. Health and fitness businesses typically have lower overheads compared to the food and beverage industry, for example. This helps you keep costs low while you get started, without placing extra financial pressure on your shoulders.

As a bonus, you’ll be making a genuinely positive difference in people’s lives, and what’s more rewarding than that?

  • Genesis Health + Fitness
  • Plus Fitness
  • Ninja Parc
  • 9Round
  • Snap Fitness
  • Jetts Fitness

Why this year is a great time to buy a franchise:

  • You want to start a business with the support of a proven model.
  • You would love to shield yourself from recessions and layoffs.
  • Franchise systems typically perform well during recessions.
  • 2021 will be an optimal year to take advantage of low interest rates.
  • The chance to take advantage of an open real-estate market.