Join one of Australia’s most iconic retail franchises

Clark Rubber

Full Format Store

Is our ultimate franchise opportunity

Service Vans

Build scaleable diverse revenue streams

Return on Investment

Maximise your returns

Unique Product Range

The ultimate home and recreation products and services

Clark Rubber Large Format Retail Stores

Large-format store carrying the complete pools, foam & rubber product mix, with high-impact branded store frontage. With the option to expand your reach through multiple mobile service vans.

What are the benefits of investing in a retail store?

  • Low-risk investment

  • A brand with strong history of success

  • Get the support you need

Build your own business with the reputation of an iconic brand

A proven business model

Strong systems that are set up to reduce risks and maximise returns.

Award-winning support and training

A comprehensive training and support system for your team members.

Strength in numbers

Buying power, marketing initiatives and team collaboration.

Room to grow and expand

Own one or multiple Clark Rubber Franchise businesses.

Pricing for the Large Format business model:


(plus stock, bank guarantee and working capital)

Clark Rubber Large Format Store resale opportunities

Clark rubber Midland(WA)

Midland (WA)

Asking $POA

Jandakot (WA)

Asking $POA

Shellharbour (NSW)

Asking $145,000 + SAV

What happens next?

1. You make an enquiry

We’d love to hear from you. Complete the enquiry from below and we’ll be in touch to provide more information and help answer your initial questions.

2. Continue to learn more about us

If you like what you’ve heard we will start working together with you to better understand the opportunity you are considering. We will help build your knowledge with site/store specific information, planning and projection tools and support through the process.

3. Submit your application

We will support you to complete our application process right through to your approval as a Clark Rubber Franchisee; where we’ll provide you with a comprehensive training program, documentation, tools, software, on-going support, and everything you need to run a successful franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process consists of an application being completed, followed by both parties learning more about one another. Due diligence is conducted, with extra support being provided by your Accountant and Solicitor.

You will receive complete assistance and support with your business and van set up including 2 weeks of comprehensive training with SPASA. This includes on-site training, ongoing support and business development by our qualified field staff.

Every franchisee pays monthly royalty fees and contributes to co-operative funds such as the marketing fund. All on-off and ongoing fees will be disclosed to you in detail.

You will meet with your local Regional Sales Manager, they will assist you personally with the onboarding process and launching your business.

During your application process you will need to create a business plan with our guidance, you are then supported by training as well as one on one support to launch and build your business.

Clark Rubber will guide you in how to prepare your business for sale and assist you with marketing and selling your business.

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